Виктор Савенко::Photo
Here you can find some pictures of Viktór with his sister Galina, grandmother Galina and mother Liudmila.
At present Viktór’s sister Galina possesses the title of a World Champion in rowing, she is a repeated European Champion and a repeated Champion of Russia.

During this period Viktór was occupied with his own projecting business development. He spent these years travelling around the world, studying unique architecture structures and gaining professional experience in building and construction.
Despite his full working employment Viktór gave concerts in the State Kremlin Palace, and the concert hall “Rossia” for the government representatives of Russia.

Viktór continues to develop his projecting business. His institution “ROSSPETSPROEKT” becomes a leading institution of sport facilities construction in Russia.
On the 10th of March 2010 at the board meeting of Russia’s Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy V. Mutko awarded Victor the first and the third place in the national contest of the best mass sports projects. Today these projects are called-for in the whole Russia’s territory. Despite of great volumes of creative work Viktór often has to visit different regions and republics and their leaders in order to supply these areas with up-to-date sport facilities. Nevertheless 2010 became the year of Viktór’s show-business comeback after three-year break and now he is starting to promote his music in Russia and Europe.

In spring 2010 Viktór comes to Helsinki and Stockholm on Swedish Ice Hockey League’s invitation in order to share his professional experience in ice palaces design and “Quick Ice” technology.
One of the strongest impressions was an enormous 13-storey oceanic ferry which took Viktór across from Finland to Sweden.